Solved: Missing ktorrent icon on Linux Mint / Cinnamon

Running ktorrent on Linux Mint 19 (Tara), the famous downwards-arrow icon was invisible on the system tray. Which made it appear like the program had quit when it was actually minimized. Clicking the empty box made ktorrent re-appear. Solution: Invoke the Qt5 configuration tool $ qt5ct and under the Appearance tab set “Style” to gtk2 [...]

Better than netstat: lsof tells us who is listening to what

OK, so we have netstat to tell us which ports are opened for listening: $ netstat -n -a | grep “LISTEN ” Thanks, that nice, but what process is listening to these ports? For TCP sockets, it’s (as root): # lsof -n -P -i tcp 2>/dev/null | grep LISTEN The -P flag disables conversion from [...]

Outgoing SMTP mail servers considerations

Mail with as From address vanishing It started really bad: Someone asked me why he hasn’t received an answer from me in two weeks, and I had answered his mail the same day I got his. It turned out that Gmail had thrown mail into the black hole without any warning. Probably the updated [...]

Turning off autosave on WordPress (since it hangs)

After upgrading to WordPress 4.7.2, and thought it would be smashing fun, I found my “Publish” button disabled due to a draft being saved forever. There have been many complaints about this all over the web. I didn’t manage to find a solution to this problem, just a workaround: Disable autosaving altogether. This is a [...]

Making a mirror of a WordPress blog on my own computer

This is a note to self on how to create a mirror copy of this blog on my own computer. My own peculiar methods are all over. Create a virtual host on my apache httpd server (port 99) Uncompress the site’s entire public_html directory into the virtual host site’s root directory (that’slazy, I got a [...]

Manual wireless setting on Fedora 12

What’s this? This is a note for myself, in case I need a quick replacement for my ADSL connection on the desktop computer (Fedora 12, and oldie). It may seem paradoxical that I’ll read this in order to access the internet (…), but this is probably where I would look first. With my cellphone, which [...]

Using a shell account as a manual sendmail relay

So the situation is like this: An email I attempted to send got rejected by the recipient’s mail server because my ISP (Netvision) has a poor spam reputation. And it so happens that I have a shell account (with root, possibly) on a server with an excellent reputation. So how do I use this advantage? [...]

Fedora 12: Displaying Emojis in Firefox / Chrome

A quick summary on how to get my old Fedora 12 to display Emojis when browsing the web (Instagram, for example). Download the EmojiOneColor font from its Github repo. Untar the bundle. Don’t run the installation script (maybe it works, but I prefer messing up things myself). Create a directory named “emoji” (or any other [...]

SOLVED: Lenovo Yoga 2 13″ with “hardware-disabled” Wifi

Overview Having a Lenovo Yoga 2 13″ (non-pro) running Ubuntu 14.04.1, I couldn’t get Wireless LAN up and running, as the WLAN NIC appeared to be “hardware locked”. This is the summary of how I solved this issue. If you’re not interested in the gory details, you may jump right to bottom, where I offer [...]

Thunderbird / Linux: Re-sending a sent mail

The idea is to take a mail that has already been send (and is hence in the “sent” folder and send it again with sendmail. Why? In my case the idea is that Thunderbird and sendmail connect to different relay servers, and the one used by Thunderbird 3.0.7 is blacklisted by the destination (I got [...]