Linux Malware Detect for occasional non-root use

Intro This is a minimal HOWTO on installing Linux Malware Detect for occasional use as a regular non-root user. Not that I’m so sure it’s worth bothering, given that contemporary exploit code seems to be able to go under its radar. Background One not-so-bright afternoon, I got a sudden mail from my web hosting provider [...]

Drupal 7: Making a global regular expression replacement

The goal: Create spam-harvesting safe mailto links anywhere in the pages, generated on the fly with slightly obfuscated JavaScript, so that harvesting bots don’t get the email addresses. To make it slightly more complicateded, I want a replacement pattern with a parameter, telling the replacement script which email address to inject. In other words, if [...]

Making a click-for-help window with jQuery’s tooltip widget

Intro I needed some neat overlay to appear when the user clicks those question-mark icons on a specific, Drupal-based page. So I went for using jQuery’s tooltip widget, with due adaptations. It turned out to be a wise choice. The idea is simple: Click on the question mark, an overlay window appears right underneath it, [...]

Drupal 7 Views: Making a block of links to related pages

Views and SQL Using Drupal views basically is trying to figure out how to trick the machine into making the SQL query I would have written in five minutes. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I had a chance of getting this right, hadn’t I known SQL pretty well. Or, as one of [...]

Setting up a Drupal site: Notes to self

This is just a collection of jots I ( = a Drupal newbie) wrote down as I set up a site with Drupal 7.2. Don’t expect this to be more coherent than a typical shopping list. March 2019 update: Drupal was a huge mistake. Just in case someone out there still has a chance to [...]