Using exiftool to manually create a Google Map / Waze link from a JPG’s GPS position

If you’re into Linux, and you ever find yourself in a place you’d like to return to with Waze (in the middle of some road, or some not-so-well-mapped village, a campus etc.), just take a photo with your cellular. Assuming that it stores the GPS info. Alternatively, the “My GPS Coordinates” Android app can be [...]

My golden Makefiles for compiling C programs

Single-source utilities This is the Makefile I use for compiling a lot of simple utility programs, one .c file per utility: CC=    gcc FLAGS=  -Wall -O3 -g -fno-strict-aliasing ALL=    broadclient broadserver multicastclient multicastserver all:    $(ALL) clean: rm -f $(ALL) rm -f `find . -name “*~”` %:    %.c Makefile $(CC) $< -o $@ $(FLAGS) The ALL [...]

PCIe over fiber optics notes (using SFP+)

General As part of a larger project, I was required to set up a PCIe link between a host and some FPGAs through a fiber link, in order to ensure medical-grade electrical isolation of a high-bandwidth video data link + allow for control over the same link. These are a few jots on carrying a [...]