http referer info missing in Apache logs for a non-https site

This post was written by eli on July 30, 2023
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I checked my Apache access logs, and noted that I saw no indications for people clicking links between two of my websites. It was extremely odd, because it was quite clear that at least a few such clicks should happen.

In the beginning, I though it was because of the rel=”noopener” part in the link. It shouldn’t have anything to do with this, but maybe it did? So no, that wasn’t the problem.

The issue was that if the link goes from an https site to a non-https site, the referer is blank. Why? Not 100% clear, but this is what Mozilla’s guidelines says. It has probably to do with pages with sensitive URLs (e.g. pages for resetting passwords). If the URL leaks through a non-secure http link (say, to a third-party server that supplies images, fonts and other stuff for the page), an eavesdropping attacker might get access to this URL.

And it so happens that this blog is a non-https site as of writing this. Mainly because I’m lazy.

On the other hand, when you read this, the site has been moved to https. Lazy or not, the missing referrer was the motivation I needed to finally do this.

Was it worth the effort? Well, so-so. Both Chrome nor Firefox submit a blank referrer if the link was non-https, even if a redirection to an https address is made. In other words, all existing links to a plain http address will remain hidden. But new links are expected to be based upon https, so at least they will be visible.

Well, partly: My own anecdotal test showed that Firefox indeed submits the full URL of the referrer for an https link, but Chrome gives away only the domain of the linking site. This is more secure of course: Don’t disclose a sensitive URL to a third party. And also, if you want to know who links to your page, go to Google’s search console. So chopping off the referrer also server Google to some extent.

Bottom line: It seems like the Referer thing is slowly fading away.

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