Making a Xillybus LiveDVD ISO image

Introduction In the past, a LiveDVD was offered along with the evaluation kit for Xillybus, to make the setup quicker. As it turned out, there was no demand for this prepackaged kit, so it’s no longer available. But the steps for creating the image are documented here anyhow. This procedure was made on Fedora 14, [...]

My script for removing trailing white spaces from files

Git has this thing about trailing white spaces in source files, for good reasons. Somehow it looks like there isn’t a widely spread utility for cleaning up a lot of files in one go. On the other hand, there are plenty of them out there, but none met my needs. So I wrote yet another [...]

Creating a custom, slightly modified LiveCD/LiveDVD ISO image

Intro This is a general description of how to create a custom LiveCD/LiveDVD. It should have been simple: Take an existing LiveCD, make some slight modifications, and then create a new LiveCD with these modifications built in. A specific case is detailed here. As it turns out, this is all but simple. The automatic tools [...]