ImageMagick convert: Making viewable copies of underexposed images

The problem is relatively simple:  Sometimes I take images that are deliberately underexposed, or such that have important parts in the dark areas. This is then fixed with GIMP. But in order to choose which image to play with, I need to those details visible in some test image, so I can browse them with [...]

Adding remarks to an existing pdf file with pdftk

This is how to solve a special case, when a PDF file is given, but I want to add my remarks in some free space. The trick is to write the remarks into another single-page pdf file, so that the new text occupies the blank area in the original. In my case, I needed the [...]

When Firefox starts up sooo slowly.

A short note, since it’s so simple and so important. When Firefox gets painfully slow, just compact its Sqlite databases. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the quick fix is to close Firefox, go to where it holds its files, find the .sqlite files, and go (bash under Cygwin, in my case): $ for i [...]