Google ads: How to lose the wait

Someone once told me that WWW stands for World Wide Wait. But when the page is held because the browser waits for a Google Ad to come in, that’s really annoying. I didn’t want that to happen in my site. So here’s the story about how to have the page displayed first, ads later. One [...]

One little button for Firefox: XUL is cool

Introduction This post summarizes some of my findings while attempting to make a descent single-button Firefox extension. I’ve tested the code shown below with Firefox 1.5 and 3.0 under Windows, and Firefox 3.0 under Linux, and there were zero portability issues. I would suggest reading a tutorial about toolbars and possibly Mozilla’s own tutorial about [...]

Making an IE toolbar button: Notes to self (from hell)

Nothing to see here, folks… These are just some notes I wrote down for myself, in case I’ll ever want to repeat this mess.  Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 was used for developing the C++ class as well as the setup project. For testing, IE 6 was used. A button running a script or executable The [...]