Octave: Empty plots (after “figure”)

Running Octave 4.2.2 on Linux Mint 19, I got plots with nothing in them occasionally. Solution: Change the graphics toolkit to GNU Plot. Simply put, add ~/.octaverc reading graphics_toolkit(“gnuplot”) and rerun Octave. By the way, for zooming in, right-click the mouse on the first point, and left-click on the second.

Recovering from a BULK IN overflow on USB 3.0

Introduction At times, an attempt to get data from a BULK IN endpoint may result in an overflow error. In other words, rc = libusb_bulk_transfer(dev_handle, (1 | LIBUSB_ENDPOINT_IN), buf, bufsize, &count, (unsigned int) 1000); may fail with rc having the value of LIBUSB_ERROR_OVERFLOW. Subsequent attempts to access the same endpoint, even after re-initializing the libusb [...]