Xilinx’ XST synthesizer bug II: Inferred RAM and mux

It looks like inferring RAMs and ROMs is the weak spot of XST. This is the second bug I find using this synthesizer, this time on XST M.63c, coming with ISE Release 12.2. The previous bug was ROM creation from a case statement. But hey, that was two years ago. This time I the code [...]

PCI express from a Xilinx/Altera FPGA to a Linux machine: Making it easy

Update: The project is up and running, available for a large range of FPGAs. Click here to visit its home page. Over the years in which I’ve worked on FPGA projects, I’ve always been frustrated by the difficulty of communicating with a PC. Or an embedded processor running a decent operating system, for that matter. [...]

Nokia 6267 restarting itself and how I got around it

I know, I know. I have a very old cellular phone. But since I have enough electronic toys, I couldn’t care less about turning my phone into one. And it happens to be a good one. Everything was OK until it failed to start. Or more precisely, it started, and then restarted itself. Like this: [...]