LVM volume resizing jots

These are my jots as I resized a partition containing an encrypted LVM physical volume, and then took advantage of that extra space by extending a logic volume containing an ext4 file system. The system is an Ubuntu 14.04.1 with a 3.13.0-35-generic kernel. There are several HOWTOs on this, but somehow I struggled a bit [...]

systemd jots

I not an expert on this These are just my what-on-earth-is-going-on-here notes as I tried to understand how my Debian 8.2 (“Jessie”) machine boots up. Conclusion: It’s a mess. More specifically, it’s a weird mix between good-old SystemV init scripts and a nasty flavor of upstart. And they say it’s here to stay. Maybe. But [...]

Windows 10 is Windows 7 with a new-old skin

… with one little difference: It seems like you can install Windows 10 without any product key. According to this post, one can install Windows 10 from scratch, and when prompted for the product key, click “Skip for now”. Twice. The installation will have this “Activate Now” watermark, and personalization will be off. But otherwise, [...]

Reading the firmware ROM from a Renesas uPD720202 USB 3.0 Host Controller using Linux

Pretty much as a side note, I should mention that the firmware should and can be loaded with a Windows utility named K2024FWUP1.exe. Get it from whereever you can, and verify it isn’t dirty with $ shasum K2024FWUP1.exe c9414cb825af79f5d87bd9772e10e87633fbf125  K2024FWUP1.exe If this isn’t done, Window’s Device Manager will say that the device can’t be started, [...]