ALSA’s file plugin for playing back a raw pipe file

Motivation On an embedded system, I have a device file /dev/xillybus_audio, which can be opened for read and/or write. One can write raw (signed 16 bit Little Endian Rate 48000 Hz stereo) samples to this file, and they’re played on a “headphones out” plug, and one can read samples of the same time, which are [...]

ALSA and Pulseaudio random jots

Background This is just things I wrote down while trying to make aplay play sound through a fake module-based Pulseaudio sink. Spoiler: I failed. Spoiler II: Sometimes people ask me question about posts I write. I don’t think I’ll answer any on this post. I’ll probably forget all about this five minutes from now. So [...]

Running JavaScript code from the command line

Sometimes, there are JavaScript snippets for the sake of obfuscation (hmmm, including this site). This is code made complicated intentionally, to prevent web spiders from harvesting addresses or emails. But hey, what if I’m the one with the spider? The simple, and somewhat dangerous solution, is to run the JavaScript code on a local interpreter. [...]