Fedora 12: Creating an initramfs image for self-compiled kernel

So I compiled the kernel I downloaded from kernel.org like I’ve always done, but the system wouldn’t boot, and it had good reasons not to: My root filesystem is both encrypted and RAID-5′ed, which requires, at least, a password to be entered. That job has to be done by some script which runs before my [...]

Setting up an encrypted ext4 disk image with dm_crypt

This script turns the file given as argument to an image of an encrypted and ext4-formatted disk image file. After this, you can do something like: losetup /dev/loop0 /storage/diskimages/thefile cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0 myfakedisk mount /dev/mapper/myfakedisk /path/to/mountpoint And then close with umount /path/to/mountpoint cryptsetup luksClose myfakedisk losetup -d /dev/loop0 The operation above and the script below [...]

Cinelerra: When YUV4MPEG fails with mencoder

Somewhere in the region of version r31061-4.4.3, a bug in mplayer and mencoder made the program not cache properly. This causes issues when trying to play streams, or when rendering an edited video in Cinelerra in YUV4MPEG-to-pipe mode. The common behavior during rendering is that mencoder quits immediately or very soon, because it thinks end-of-file [...]

Gnome workaround: Downloading a MOV file from Canon 500D

One of the things I love about fancy GUI interfaces, is that they work as long as things are easy, and always fail at the critical moments. Downloading a 4 GB video clip from my Canon 500D to a Fedora 12, using the File Manager (nautilus?) was no different. As usual, when I plugged in [...]