chroot and dynamic libraries: Some jots

This is just a messed up pile of jots as I tried to solve a specific problem. The actual problem turned out to be between chair and keyboard, but I decided to post this anyhow, just in case it will be useful in the future. The setting was like this: I had a script, which [...]

Under the hood of Vivado runs: Some scripting essentials

Introduction My motivation for looking inside Vivado runs was that I wanted to implement a Vivado project from within XEmacs, using the Compile button, and all that within a rather tangled Makefile-based build system. But I also wanted to leave the possibility to open the project using Vivado’s GUI, if something went wrong or needed [...]

Password-less SSH remote login demystified

This is documented everywhere, and still, I always find myself messing around with this. So once and for all: The files In any user’s .ssh/ directory, there should be (among others) two files: id_rsa and Or maybe with dsa instead of rsa. Doesn’t matter too much. These are the keys that are used when [...]