Perl script for mangling SRT subtitle files

I had a set of SRT files with pretty good subtitles, but with one annoying problem: When there was a song in the background, the translation of the song would pop up and interrupt of the dialogue’s subtitles, so it became impossible to understand what’s going on. Luckily, those song-translating subtitles had all have a [...]

Google Pixel 6 Pro: Limiting the battery’s charge level

Introduction This post is a spin-off from another post of mine. It’s the result of my wish to limit the battery’s charge level, so it doesn’t turn into a balloon again. I’ve written this post in chronological order (i.e. in the order that I found out things). If you’re here for the “what do I [...] stealing from my credit card, again

Credit card abuse, episode #2 presents the lowest price for an EV code signing certificate, however it’s a bit like going into a flea market with a lot of pickpockets around: Pay attention to your wallet, or things happen. This is a follow-up post to one that I wrote three years ago, after [...]