Notes while deploying TinyMCE v5

Introduction These are my notes as I adopted TinyMCE v5 for use as the editor for writing things to be published on the Internet. Like this post, for example. My overall verdict is that it’s excellent, and I’m writing this after having added quite some unusual features to it. In particular, syntax highlighting where the [...]

Random JavaScript jots

This is just a bunch of jots I’ve made about JavaScript, in no particular order. Posted here, because the alternative was to delete them. JavaScript is single-threaded by its nature. Nothing runs in parallel, hence no need for any synchronization or atomics. There is actually an Atomic class, but for use in conjunction with shared [...]

Perl: Matching apparently plain space in HTML with regular expression

I’ve been using a plain space character in Perl regular expressions since ages, and it has always worked. Something like this for finding double spaces: my @doubles = ($t =~ / {2,}/g); or for emphasis on the space character, equivalently: my @doubles = ($t =~ /[ ]{2,}/g); but then I began processing HTML representation from [...]