Linux: Quick multiple page scanning with scanimage

It’s often required to scan a lot of pages in one go, even manually. The problem is that when doing individual scans, there’s a significant delay between each scans, as the computer initializes the scanner for each. The trick is to use scanimage’s batch scan feature. A typical command for scanning an 10 A4 pages [...]

ImageMagick convert from pdf to jpg and vice versa

To convert all pdfs into a jpgs with fairly good resolution (Linux, bash): for i in *.pdf ; do convert -density 300 “$i” “${i%%.*}.jpg” ; done Without the -density parameter, the result is pretty lousy. To prepare a lot of image scans for printing, into a single pdf doc: convert *.jpg -colorspace gray -contrast-stretch 1% [...]

Install an HP USB printer on Fedora 12

Just a quick note: The printer was connected via USB, but I sent jobs to it, and nothing happened. Solution: As root, type hp-setup and flow with the wizard (I unchecked the “fax” part). As non-root this didn’t work: It failed to install the queue, and asked me to rerun CUPS. But that didn’t help. [...]