Using cgroups to force RAM swapping for implementing an Arria 10 design

The problem I needed to implement an FPGA design for an Arria 10 chip with Quartus 15 on a Linux machine. According to Altera’s requirement page, (“Memory recommendations” tab), the computer should have 28-48 GB of RAM. Or, as it says on that page, one can fake it with virtual memory. It turns out the [...]

Fedora 12: Displaying Emojis in Firefox / Chrome

A quick summary on how to get my old Fedora 12 to display Emojis when browsing the web (Instagram, for example). Download the EmojiOneColor font from its Github repo. Untar the bundle. Don’t run the installation script (maybe it works, but I prefer messing up things myself). Create a directory named “emoji” (or any other [...]