Rooting a Google Pixel 6 Pro: An embedded Linux guy’s notes

Introduction These are my notes to future self on rooting a Google Pixel 6 Pro. For reasons I’ll explain below, there’s a good chance I’ll find interest in this topic every now and then. Being a Linux guy, who isn’t very fond of smartphones in general, I consider my Android phone a small Linux computer, [...]

Fetchmail and Google’s OAuth 2.0 enforcement

This post is about fetching mail. For sending emails through OAuth2-enabled SMTP servers, see this post. Introduction After a long time that Google’s smtp server occasionally refused to play ball with fetchmail, tons of Critical Alerts on “someone knowing my password” and requests to move away from “Less Secure Apps” (LSA) and other passive-aggressive behaviors, [...]

Thunderbird: Upgrade notes

Introduction These are my notes as I upgraded Thunderbird from version 3.0.7 (released September 2010) to 91.10.0 on Linux Mint 19. That’s more than a ten year’s gap, which says something about what I think about upgrading software (which was somewhat justified, given the rubbish issues that arose, as detailed below). What eventually forced me [...]

dmesg output of a Google Pixel 6 Pro

Just in case this helps anyone, this is the output of the dmesg command. The phone was rooted with Magisk, or else how would I get this? But at this stage, I hadn’t install Zygisk or any other module to hide the fact that the phone is rooted. Note that there’s also logcat for the [...]