Executing user-space programs from a different Linux distro

While trying to use executables from one ARM-based distribution to another, it failed to run, even before trying to load any libraries. The ARM architectures were compatible (armhf in both cases) so it wasn’t like I was trying to run an Intel binary on an ARM. I could always cross-compile from sources, but copying binaries [...]

Wifi Access Point on my desktop with USB dongles

Introduction These are my rather messy notes as I set up a wireless access point on my desktop (Fedora 12) running a home-compiled 3.12.20 Linux kernel. Somewhere below (see “Rubbish starts here”) I’ve added things that I tried out but lead nowhere. Beware. I began with two USB dongles, 8188EU and 8192CU. I got 8188EU [...]

Plain-text mail from Thunderbird (under Linux)

Introduction I’ve been annoyed for quite a while by Thunderbird’s strong inclination towards HTML mail. To the extent that if I don’t really, really verify that a mail goes out in plain text, it’s probably going to slip out in HTML. This is bad in particular when sending mails to Linux-related mailing lists. They don’t [...]

Wine: Picasa failed to start Fedora 12 after a kernel upgrade

I upgraded my kernel from 2.6.35 to 3.12, and Picasa 2.7 failed to start. Instead of starting, tons of winedbg processes were created at a rapid speed. If I didn’t kill everything related to Picasa within a minute or so (that is, all winedbg processes and any process having “picasa” in the string of “ps [...]

Automatic mount stops after kernel upgrade and sysfs

I really have this thing about backward compatibility, which is why I chose to enable the CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED and CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 kernel flags when compiling kernel 3.12 for Fedora 12. After all, an old distribution with a new kernel. This turned out to be wrong: The distribution isn’t all that old, and automounting stopped to work for [...]