Random notes about Gimp 2.10

This is just a few notes to self on this tool. Version 2.10 is a big deal: It’s the first one to use GPU acceleration for scaling and rotation, as well as deforming of different types. No more small previews, no more sluggish response to scaling. No need to scale down images for working, because [...]

GIMP Curves: Cleaning up old settings

Each and every time you use the Curves function in GIMP 2.6, it saves that setting, and labels it with the time it was used. The same color curve can then be used again, just by recognizing the time in the Presets drop-down menu within the Curves dialog box. This is a great feature, since [...]

Using GIMP to get rid of cellulitis

This is a short note about how to get rid of cellulitis on natural skin, using GIMP 2.6 (will most likely work on earlier versions as well). The truth is that I don’t really understand why this works, but it fixed a nasty case of ugly skin texture in a low key photo. The trick [...]

Color Range Mapping on GIMP 2.6: Getting it back.

One of the nice things about upgrading software, is not only that there are a lot of new, confusing and useless features, but also that things that used to work in the past don’t anymore. At best, features which one used a lot have completely disappeared. Upgrading to Fedora 12, with its GIMP 2.6, was [...]

Command-line (bash/GIMP) mass conversion and processing

The purpose I use GIMP a lot. I store the images in the native file format, XCF. Now I’m stuck with a lot of files I can’t see outside GIMP, but I don’t want to save those files as anything else, because I’ll lose all the layer data. Solution: Batch conversion to JPEG as a [...]