Pulseaudio for multiple users, without system-mode daemon

This is a simple and quick solution for those of us who want to run certain programs as a different user on the same desktop, for example running several user profiles of a browser at the same time. The main problem is usually that Pulseaudio doesn’t accept connections from a user other than the one [...]

stmmaceth: NetworkManager fails to bring up a wired Ethernet NIC

The problem In short: Running linux 3.8.0 on Altera’s Cyclone V SoC, NetworkManager doesn’t bring up the Ethernet port. It also makes false accusations such as Jan 1 00:00:17 localhost NetworkManager[1206]: <info> (eth0): driver ‘stmmaceth’ does not support carrier detection. and later on also says Jan 1 00:00:17 localhost NetworkManager[1206]: <warn> (eth0): couldn’t get carrier [...]