Using ImageMagick to convert a 4:2:2 YCrCb raw image to something viewable

Some electronic imaging system dumped a 4:2:2 YCbCr raw image into a file. It’s a debug output. Now I wanted to see this image. GIMP doesn’t import that format. ImageMagick had the solution. It was as simple as convert -size 800x600 pal:ImageOut.raw ImageOut.bmp I don’t know why they picked the codename “pal” to represent 4:2:2 [...]

peakdet: Peak detection using MATLAB (non-derivative local extremum, maximum, minimum)

Here’s a problem I encounter in several fields: Find the local maxima and minima in some noisy signal, which typically looks like the following graph: The local maxima and minima are plotted as red and green stars on the graph. To the eye it’s so obvious where they are, but making a computer find them [...]

easyspec: A spectrum-analyzer like plotter for MATLAB

I’m using MATLAB since about 1992. One of the things that I’ve always missed, as a communication engineer, is a quick and dirty spectrum plot of signals. I want to see what the spectrum analyzer will show me when I’ll run the signal through it, and not some analytic plot, which looks nothing like. The [...]