DigiPro drawing tablet on Fedora 12

I just bought a DigiPro 5″/4″ drawing tablet to run with my Fedora 12. When plugging it in, the system recognized it, but every time I touched the tablet with the stylus pen, the cursor went to the upper left corner. Clicks worked OK, but it looked like the system needed to know the tablet’s [...]

Using GIMP to get rid of cellulitis

This is a short note about how to get rid of cellulitis on natural skin, using GIMP 2.6 (will most likely work on earlier versions as well). The truth is that I don’t really understand why this works, but it fixed a nasty case of ugly skin texture in a low key photo. The trick [...]

Color Range Mapping on GIMP 2.6: Getting it back.

One of the nice things about upgrading software, is not only that there are a lot of new, confusing and useless features, but also that things that used to work in the past don’t anymore. At best, features which one used a lot have completely disappeared. Upgrading to Fedora 12, with its GIMP 2.6, was [...]