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I'm a freelancing Electrical Engineer since year 2000, and I'm happy with it. If you happen to need some work done, I would ask you to stay with me a bit. In case you're not sure whether I'm the right guy, I warmly recommend to drop me a note anyhow. Companies with serious intentions have been quite surprised with the offers I made. Those who chose to engage with me never regretted that.

I see my advantage in the ability to supply a complete, working solution, and not only carrying out a defined task. Customers may approach me with a problem, and not necessarily with a suggested solution. Due to my acquaintance with several methods of implementation, the project can easily develop in its natural directions, rather than depending on some specific expertise.

Also, the fact, that a single person runs the development from beginning to end, creates a single point of responsibility, and actually reduces the development risks and costs: When people work together, a lot of time is spent on making sure everyone mean the same thing, and that doesn't always work.

I also do things for release on the web. Don't ask me why, I still try to understand that myself. I'm not a free software ideologist, even though I like open source software. I release the code because someone might find it useful. Why do I write it in the first place? Every project has its own story.

Hope you'll find what you were looking for. If not, you may drop me a line to , or maybe you need another Google?

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