Thunderbird / Linux: Re-sending a sent mail

The idea is to take a mail that has already been send (and is hence in the “sent” folder and send it again with sendmail. Why? In my case the idea is that Thunderbird and sendmail connect to different relay servers, and the one used by Thunderbird 3.0.7 is blacklisted by the destination (I got [...]

i.MX: SDMA not working? Strange things happen? Maybe it’s all about power management.

I ran into a weird problem while attempting to enable SDMA for UARTs on an i.MX53 processor running Freescale’s Linux kernel: To begin with, the UART would only transmit 48 bytes, which is probably a result of only one watermark event arriving (the initial kickoff filled the UART’s FIFO with 32 bytes, and then [...]

Simple GPIO on Zybo using command-line on Linux

Running Xillinux on the Zybo board, this is how I toggled a GPIO pin from a plain one-liner bash script in Linux. The same technique can be used for other Zynq-7000 boards (Zedboard in particular) to easily control GPIO pins. First, I looked up which GPIO pin it is. The pin assignments can be found [...]

Manually installing launcher icons for Xilinx tools on a Gnome desktop

So I installed Vivado on my Centos 6.5 64-bit Linux machine, and even though it promised to install icons on my desktop, it didn’t. This is how I installed them manually. There is surely a simpler way, as the special launch bash scripts I created must be somewhere. But I didn’t bother looking. So it [...]

Booting Vivado / EDK mixed FSBL on Zynq-7000

Background This is yet another war story about making the FSBL boot on a Zynq processor. I had prepared an FSBL for a certain target using SDK 14.6, and then someone needed it in a Vivado package, using the SDK attached to Vivado 2014.1. In a perfect world, I would have exported the system’s configuration [...]