VMware Player or Workstation: Patching for Linux kernel 3.12 (or so)

For a reason not so clear to me, VMware doesn’t keep its drivers up to date with newer kernels, so they fail to compile against newer kernels. Consequently, there’s an insane race to patch them up. It starts with a compilation failure at the GUI level, and sooner or later it becomes clear that there’s [...]

Kernel compilation without extra “+” or other markers in the version string

So there’s this “+” sign added to the kernel version (as displayed with uname -r) when the kernel is compiled with a git tree that doesn’t sit on an official version (or more precisely, not on an annotated tag). Which kinda makes sense to tell the kernel’s users that the kernel isn’t exactly the vanilla [...]

Checking my mouse wheel on Linux

I had some problem with my mouse wheel (on Microsoft Wireless Mobile mouse 3500, by the way): The scrolling would sometimes be jerky. I was turning the wheel to scroll down, and there were small jumps upwards. How annoying is that? But how could I know if it’s the mouse’s fault, or maybe a software [...]

Vivado: An ISE guy’s exploration notes

Just a few things I wrote down for myself, as I got acquainted with Vivado 2014.1 (having worked with ISE until now). Kicking off in Linux $ cd trashcan-directory $ . /path/to/Vivado_2014.1/Vivado/2014.1/settings64.sh $ vivado & or running Vivado with a certain Tcl script $ vivado -mode batch -source /path/to/project.tcl or implementing a project without GUI: [...]