FPGA + USB 3.0: Cypress EZ-USB FX3 or XillyUSB?

Introduction As the title implies, this post compares two solutions for connecting an FPGA to a host via USB 3.0: Cypress’ FX3 chipset, which has been around since around 2010, and the XillyUSB IP core, which was released in November 2020. Cypress has been acquired by Infineon, but I’ll stick with Cypress. It’s not clear [...]

Creating a tarball for distribution (without user/group information)

A tarball is the common way to convey several files on UNIX systems. But because tar was originally intended for backup, it stores not only the permission information, but also the owner and group of each file. Try listing the content of a tarball with e.g. $ tar -tzvf thestuff.tar.gz Note the “v” flag that [...]