Fedora 12: Audio headache notes (ALSA and JACK)

Just a few notes about getting the sound working. Pulseaudio Pulseaudio belongs to the Linux Windowization era, meaning there are plenty of instructions of what-to-do-if but very little info about how the machinery works. Because it never fails, right? Who needs that info? My notes about problems with sound from Firefox are in a different [...]

Cinelerra: When Splice and Overwrite from the Viewer window wipes target track

… or when Paste does the same. Everything in the targeted track is deleted, and replaced with the snippet, which we wanted spliced in or overwritten. But not instead of everything! Well, this is not a bug, but a feature: This happens when there are “in” and “out” markers (or even worse: only one of [...]

Clearing brightness, contrast, saturation and hue from a previous mplayer session

Using mplayer, I was annoyed that mplayer remembered my brightness, contrast, hue and saturation settings, which I had tweaked with the keyboard controls the last time I used mplayer. I tried to find where it keeps that info, but didn’t find it anywhere. Then it turned out, that mplayer changes these settings on the X [...]

Linux 2.6.36: When everything freezes

There’s a bug in the kernel, which causes the Big TTY Mutex to be held for some 30 seconds every time certain TTY devices are closed. During these 30 seconds, no TTY operation is possible (including pseudo terminals), which practically means that most, if not all communication with the keyboard is stalled. Since GUI applications [...]