Linux Mint + Cinnamon: Volume buttons stop to work suddenly

The nuisance After trying to fix another problem with Pulseaudio, and messing up a bit with its configuration files, the option to control the volume by virtue of keyboard buttons suddenly stopped to work. The cursor would blink briefly when pressing the button, but nothing else happened. I tried all the fairly normal things, including [...]

Random insights on lead-acid battery theory

Overview This is a collection of insights regarding lead-acid batteries, in particular those sealed batteries that are used in UPSes. Had it not been for my failed attempts to get a decent battery for my UPS, none of this would have been written. It was only when I asked myself why the UPS doesn’t maintain [...]

Empty statements in Verilog’s if-else are OK

A reminder to self: As the title implies, it’s OK to have an empty statement in Verilog. This is useful in order to make all the following clauses active only if the first condition isn’t met. This is commonly seen in C, but I wasn’t sure if it’s OK to do this in Verilog too. [...]