Installing Note.js from binaries (the hacky way)

Node.js is required to build several JavaScript packages (Quill, for example) and the version that was available from the repository of my Linux Mint 18.1 was way too old: node v4.2.6 and npm  v3.5.2. The attempt to build the Quill Webpack with those oldies failed miserably. Truth to be said, there are instructions on how [...]

Run Firefox over X11 over SSH / VNC on a cheap virtual machine

To run over SSH: Not This is how to run a Firefox browser on a cheap VPS machine (e.g. a Google Cloud VM Instance) with an X-server connection. It’s actually not a good idea, because it’s extremely slow. The correct way is to set up a VNC server, because the X server connection exchanges information [...]

The eSigner fraud: charging my credit card arbitrarily with hundreds of dollars

Background More than anything, this is a reminder to self why I must use a temporary credit card number when I’ll renew my EV Code Signing certificate I purchased from, a few years from writing this (if they’ll still exist by then). I need it for Microsoft’s Attestation signing of drivers for Windows, as [...]