Some notes on how an air conditioner works

I’m not an AC guy. Not at all. But I do own an Tadiran Wave INV 40/3 installed 2016, and then I had some issues with it. In hindsight, there was some real kind of problem a few years ago, and the rest of the problems were because the AC guy that came to fix [...]

Plumbing notes (yes, really plumbing)

Introduction FPGA and Linux and all that hi-tech stuff is nice, but nothing compares to the self pride of getting a simple plumbing job done right. So this time it was about installing a pressure gauge under a bathroom sink, between the water outlet for the faucet’s cold water and the faucet itself. No need [...]

UPS, Fedex or DHL: Will your neighbor get your package?

Is that for me? I had some $1,200 worth package sent to me from an electronics vendor (Mouser) with UPS. Free shipping. Got an SMS saying when the courier was expected to arrive. Took a nap and didn’t hear the phone ringing nor the doorbell. Woke up to an SMS saying “thank you for choosing [...]

“Happy Birthday” in Hebrew. The Barbershop version.

As voicemail messages often go here in Israel: The Hebrew message will be followed by an English one. עברית לפני מספר שנים, כתבתי עיבוד לשיר יום ההולדת המוכר “היום יום הולדת” למקהלת גברים (למעשה, רביעיית ברברשופ). בראייה לאחור (או האזנה, ליתר דיוק) הדמיון העיקרי לברברשופ הוא בכך שהמנגינה נמצאת אצל הטנור השני, וגם האיזון בין [...]