Windows 8 recovery notes-to-self

Just some jots as I tried to fix a Windows 8.1 laptop that didn’t boot (not mine, of course, I can’t stand Windows 8). It went “Preparing automatic repair” immediately on powerup, and then a light blue (not BSOD-blue) screen saying “Automatic Repair”, “Your PC did not start correctly”. Offering me to Restart or “Advanced [...]

Playing with Linux namespaces

Intro Linux namespaces is the foundation for container-based virtualization, which is becoming increasingly popular. Aside from the ability to isolate a shell (and the processes it generates) from the “main environment”, as is required for this kind of lightweight virtualization, namespaces is useful for overriding selected functionalities. So I’m jotting down things I use myself. [...]

Sample EDID info from a few monitors (video resolution parameters)

On Linux machines, there’s a command saying $ xrandr –verbose which outputs a lot of information about the display, in particular the EDID information obtained from the monitor. Among others, it’s a detailed listing of the video modes that the monitor is willing to accept. These modes are usually the standard VESA graphics modes, but [...]

Implementing a Displayport source on FPGA: Random jots

As I implemented a Displayport source (Single Stream Transport, SST) on a Virtex-7 from scratch (based upon GTH outputs), I wrote down some impressions. Here they are, in no particular order. As for MST (Multiple Stream Transport), which I didn’t touch — I really wonder if someone is going to use it. Or if that [...]