A little #define macro in C for selecting a bit range from an integer

This is a simple utility C macro for selecting a bit range from an integer: #define bits(x, y, z) (((x) >> (z)) & ((((long int) 2) << ((y) – (z))) – 1)) This picks the part that is equivalent to the expression x[y:z] in Verilog. The cast to long int may need adjustment to the [...]

When an LG’s OLED screen won’t turn on

In case this helps someone out there: I have an LG OLED65B9‬‬ TV screen for four years. Lately, I began having trouble turning it on. Instead of powering on (from standby mode) the red LED under the screen would blink three times, and then nothing. On the other hand, if I disconnected the screen from [...]