Linux Mint + Cinnamon: Volume buttons stop to work suddenly

The nuisance After trying to fix another problem with Pulseaudio, and messing up a bit with its configuration files, the option to control the volume by virtue of keyboard buttons suddenly stopped to work. The cursor would blink briefly when pressing the button, but nothing else happened. I tried all the fairly normal things, including [...]

systemd user services and Pulseaudio on Lubuntu 16.04

Introduction These are my notes as I made Pulseaudio work on an ARM v7-based Embedded Lubuntu 16.04, which doesn’t support Pulseaudio otherwise. The goal: On a mini-distribution based upon Lubuntu, for use of others, make Pulseaudio work even though the Lubuntu desktop won’t start it. In fact, it’s supposed to run even without any X [...]

MuseScore notes on Fedora Core 12

Random notes playing with MuseScore 0.9.6 (pun not intended): Installation (after grabbing the RPM file from the web): # yum install –nogpgcheck MuseScore-0.9.6-1.fc12.x86_64.rpm Which installs the file with no signature. Somewhat dangerous in theory, as the RPM could in theory contain malicious code (as if a signature helps in this case). The command line for [...]

ALSA’s file plugin for playing back a raw pipe file

Motivation On an embedded system, I have a device file /dev/xillybus_audio, which can be opened for read and/or write. One can write raw (signed 16 bit Little Endian Rate 48000 Hz stereo) samples to this file, and they’re played on a “headphones out” plug, and one can read samples of the same time, which are [...]

ALSA and Pulseaudio random jots

Background This is just things I wrote down while trying to make aplay play sound through a fake module-based Pulseaudio sink. Spoiler: I failed. Spoiler II: Sometimes people ask me question about posts I write. I don’t think I’ll answer any on this post. I’ll probably forget all about this five minutes from now. So [...]

Pulseaudio for multiple users, without system-mode daemon

This is a simple and quick solution for those of us who want to run certain programs as a different user on the same desktop, for example running several user profiles of a browser at the same time. The main problem is usually that Pulseaudio doesn’t accept connections from a user other than the one [...]

No sound on Firefox on x86_64 Linux with Pulseaudio / ALSA

This is yet another suggestion on what to do if the Firefox doesn’t play sound (with flash videos in particular) but all other applications do (mplayer, for example). The video in Firefox runs smoothly, but no sound at all. This is a popular subject on the web, it turns out. My platform: Fedora Core 12, [...]

Fedora 12: Audio headache notes (ALSA and JACK)

Just a few notes about getting the sound working. Pulseaudio Pulseaudio belongs to the Linux Windowization era, meaning there are plenty of instructions of what-to-do-if but very little info about how the machinery works. Because it never fails, right? Who needs that info? My notes about problems with sound from Firefox are in a different [...]