Making a video clip visualizing sound with libvisual on Ubuntu 14.04

Intro The purpose of this mini-project was to create a video clip with visualized audio, instead of just a dull still frame. Libvisual is the commonly used graphics engine for Linux’ media players, but I wanted the result in a file, not on the screen. Libvisual’s sources come with lv-tool, which is a command-line utility, [...]

Fixing the mouse sensitivity on Gnome 2

This related to my Fedora 12 machine with a Logitech M705 mouse. It had a generally bad feeling, I would say. This is actually written on this post already, with some more details on this one, but I prefer having my own routine and final values written down. So first get a list of input [...]

Vivado 2014.1 eliminating instantiations of IP (black boxes)

I discovered this problem in a project that instantiated a 512-bit wide FIFO consisting many (>16) times in different modules. For some unknown reason (it’s called a bug, I suppose) Vivado treated the instantiation as if it wasn’t there, and optimized all surrounding logic as if the black box’ output ports were all zero. For [...]