XEmacs / VHDL: Stop that annoying “assistance” while typing

This post was written by eli on April 10, 2017
Posted Under: FPGA,Software

Emacs’ (and hence XEmacs’) VHDL mode has an annoying thing about hopping in and “help me” with composing code. Type “if” and it tells me I need to add an expression. Thanks. I wouldn’t have figured it out myself.

So here’s how to disable this annoyance:

Add in~/.xemacs/custom.el, to the custom-set-variables clause

'(vhdl-electric-mode nil)
'(vhdl-stutter-mode nil)

or turn off the respective options inside XEmacs, under VHDL > Options > Mode, and then VHDL > Options > Save Options

And enjoy the bliss of an editor doing what it’s supposed to do.

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