My script for removing trailing white spaces from files

Git has this thing about trailing white spaces in source files, for good reasons. Somehow it looks like there isn’t a widely spread utility for cleaning up a lot of files in one go. On the other hand, there are plenty of them out there, but none met my needs. So I wrote yet another [...]

Perl-only CRC32 function (without C code)

It may look like a stupid idea, since the CRC32 has been implemented in some Perl modules which can be downloaded from CPAN. But all functions I found involve an XS part, which essentially means that a compilation of C code has to take place during the installation. In other words, these modules can’t be [...]

Canonizing PCAD netlist files

OK, so the board designer just sent me an updated schematics of the design. Are there any changes? Comparing the schematics itself is hopeless. So I’ll compare the PCAD netfiles (those with a .NET extension). I mean, they are simple text files, after all. The problem is that Orcad feels free to change the order [...]

Enumerating FSM states automatically for Verilog with Perl

Having a pretty large state machine, I wanted the states enumerated automatically. Or at least not do the counting by hand. I mean, doing it once is maybe bearable, but what if I’ll want to insert a new state in the future? So what I was after is something like module main_state #(parameter ST_start = [...]

Catching the transient cookies: Log in, then crawl

The old way Sometimes all you need is a quick crawl within a site, which requires to log in first. There are two main techniques I can think about: One is to POST the login form with your script, and get the necessary cookie setting. The second is to login manually with a browser, and [...]

Using Perl to map FPGA pins from a board design to UCF pin constraints

One of the things I try to avoid as an FPGA engineer, is to manually configure the pin constraints (in the UCF file) in order to tell the tools which FPGA pin is connected to what. Not only is this extremely boring, but I also think that getting it done right (at the first go) [...]