Perl, DBI and MySQL wrongly reads zeros from database

TL;DR: SELECT queries in Perl for numerical columns suddenly turned to zeros after a software upgrade. This is a really peculiar problem I had after my web hosting provider upgraded some database related software on the server: Numbers that were read with SELECT queries from the database were suddenly all zeros. Spoiler: It’s about running [...]

Why MySQL’s (SQL) DATETIME can and should be avoided

I warmly recommend reading the comments at the bottom of this page, many of which go against my point. While I still stand behind every word I said, in particular for web applications (which I believe is the vast majority of MySQL use), the comments below make some valid points, and single out cases where [...]

BLOB, TEXT, and case sensitivity: MySQL won’t treat them the same

When I first discovered that there is both BLOB and TEXT in databases, I was puzzled. They occupy the same amount of disk space, and the database doesn’t alter the data itself anyhow. Why two? Of course, I followed the stream, and went for TEXT and VARCHAR for everything, since I don’t store binary data [...]