Gtkwave notes

General Gtkwave is a simple and convenient viewer of electronic waveforms. It’s a free software tool at its best: A bit rough to start working with, but after a while it becomes clear that the decisions have been made by someone who uses the tool himself. Really recommended. So here are my jumpstart notes for [...]

Fedora 12: Bringing keyboard autorepeat back

For some weird reason (actually, running an old Atari 800 emulator), my autorepeat was suddenly not working. On any window. That’s the moment one becomes aware of how often it’s used. Quick solution: $ xset r on and it was all fine again. Or $ xset q to see all settings.

Quartus/Linux: Setting PATH and environment for command-line

The classic way: $ export QUARTUS_ROOTDIR=/path/to/altera/15.1/quartus $ . $QUARTUS_ROOTDIR/adm/ Or open a shell (will set path, but not a full environment): $ /path/to/altera/15.1/nios2eds/ This is good for compiling for NIOS etc.

Linux: Where the USB related kernel files are

A few notes on where to find USB related kernel files on a Linux system (kernel 3.12.20 in my case) $ lsusb [ ... ] Bus 001 Device 059: ID 046d:c52b Logitech, Inc. Now find the position in the tree. It should be device 59 under bus number 1: $ lsusb -t [ ... ] [...]

gcc: Solving “undefined reference” even when the required library is listed with -l

It worked all so nicely on my Fedora 12 machine, and then on Ubuntu 14.04.1 it failed colossally: $ make gcc -Wall  -O3 -g -lusb-1.0 -c  -o bulkread.o bulkread.c gcc -Wall  -O3 -g -lusb-1.0 -c  -o usberrors.o usberrors.c gcc -Wall  -O3 -g -lusb-1.0 bulkread.o usberrors.o -o bulkread bulkread.o: In function `main’: bulkread.c:39: undefined reference to [...]

Live TV / DVB on Linux demystified

Introduction This is a not-so-short tutorial which is intended to make the setup of a Live TV media center on Linux a bit easier, walking through the processing chain from the digital transmission signal to the picture on the screen. Quite naturally, things go from “general knowledge” to a bit more hands-on. The approach here [...]

Brix media center Linux installation notes

Intro These are my jots as I installed Linux Mint 18.1 on a Gigabyte GB-BACE-3160 Compact PC with a 240 GB SSD hard disk and 8 GB RAM, for the purpose of driving my TV in the living room. Not all issues are solved yet. General notes Use ssh -X. It allows X-windows to open [...]

tvheadend jots

This is a lot of random jots as I set up Tvheadend. As it was a bit of a battle, things may not be consistent below. There are some details below specific to my own environment (e.g. LAN addresses). Environment: Linux Mint 18.1 running a 4.4.0-53-generic kernel, receiving DVB-T in Haifa, Israel with a HD-901T2 [...]

EDID info from mini HDMI2AV module (HDMI to RCA CVBS)

This is the information obtained with xrandr from the HDMI to AV converter  (Composite Video + Audio on RCA plugs) shown above: Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 1280 x 720, maximum 32767 x 32767 DP1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) DP2 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y [...]

Tvheadend starting slowly with a HD-901T2 DVB-T2 USB stick: The udev solution

The problem Having A HD-901T2 DVB-T2 stick on a Linux Mint 18.1 running a 4.4.0-53-generic kernel, Tvheadend started painfully slow. It took more than a minute before the web interface was available. And here’s why: Mar 11 10:22:35 tv systemd[1]: Starting tvheadend.service… Mar 11 10:22:35 tv tvheadend[6019]: * Starting Tvheadend tvheadend Mar 11 10:22:35 tv [...]