Rooting a Google Pixel 6 Pro: An embedded Linux guy’s notes

Introduction These are my notes to future self on rooting a Google Pixel 6 Pro. For reasons I’ll explain below, there’s a good chance I’ll find interest in this topic every now and then. Being a Linux guy, who isn’t very fond of smartphones in general, I consider my Android phone a small Linux computer, [...]

dmesg output of a Google Pixel 6 Pro

Just in case this helps anyone, this is the output of the dmesg command. The phone was rooted with Magisk, or else how would I get this? But at this stage, I hadn’t install Zygisk or any other module to hide the fact that the phone is rooted. This is with Android 12, build Raven [...]

LG G4 internals: My messy jots

Introduction These are my really messy jots as I tried out things with my LG G4 H815 phone (Android 5.1, kernel 3.10.49, software version V10e-ISR-COM from Aug 17, 2015, not locked to any specific network). I usually try to get the post tidy so it becomes some kind of how-to post, but this time I [...]

Using exiftool to manually create a Google Map / Waze link from a JPG’s GPS position

If you’re into Linux, and you ever find yourself in a place you’d like to return to with Waze (in the middle of some road, or some not-so-well-mapped village, a campus etc.), just take a photo with your cellular. Assuming that it stores the GPS info. Alternatively, the “My GPS Coordinates” Android app can be [...]

Pairing a mobile phone with VW RCD 510 / Kufatec Fiscon car radio

I struggled with this a bit, and ended up doing it right by guessing. Even though I should have read the manual to begin with. So the procedure is simple (cited from manual, page 7, “Pairing”): Turn the ignition on. Make sure the Bluetooth feature of your phone is turned on. Start the pairing procedure [...]

LG G4 ignoring a 5 GHz Wifi hotspot

Problem: My LG G4 (Android 5.1, kernel 3.10.49) suddenly ignored my home’s 5 GHz router. It saw the neighbors’ networks all right, but not mine. Reason for problem: I had activated the phone’s hotspot previously. It seems like that locked the Wifi hardware to the 2.4 GHz band, as it happens to transmit on 2.437 [...]