How to edit login passwords in Google Chrome

This post was written by eli on September 7, 2020
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Unlike Firefox, Google Chrome doesn’t allow editing passwords (at least not the version I have, and it seems like this feature will be added). One possible workaround is to enable Google Sync for passwords, and have those stored on the server: It’s possible to edit the passwords at If you have no problem with Google keeping track of all your passwords, definitely go for it.

Alternatively, export the passwords, edit the CSV file and re-import the relevant password.

To export the passwords, go: Topleft dots button > Settings > Passwords > Topleft dots button > Export passwords…

To import the password, pick Import on the same menu (i.e. the one with Export passwords…). Odds are that you don’t have that option. It needs to be enabled, see below.

The password list is a plain CSV file, so make sure its well protected and preferably deleted soon. I suggest deleting all lines except for the title line and the one containing the password to be changed. No point fiddling with all the others.

Enable password import

This needs to be done once and for all, so Google Chrome has an “Import” option in its password list setting button (see this page). So type chrome://flags on the address bar, search for “Password import” and change it from “Default” to “Enabled”. Chrome will request a relaunch. Go for it.

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