Add-on icons vanished after Firefox upgrade

This post was written by eli on September 27, 2019
Posted Under: Internet,Software

Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t upgrade Firefox. It upgraded itself suddenly into Firefox 68.o Quantum. How did I notice? Not because it became any better, but because suddenly things stopped working. And I got logged out from several sites.

For example, my Adblocker and other add-on suddenly vanished. Checking the add-on settings, the relevant add-ons were installed and enabled, so what?

Well, it turns out that I had to manually add the icons to the toolbar. As simple as that: Right-click the toolbar where the icons usually were, select Customize… and drag the icons where they should be.

Why Firefox upgraded itself is beyond me. Whenever possible, I always opt this out (doesn’t look like Firefox has such option). So if any of the Firefox maintainers ever read this: If it was a security issue, patch it. Don’t push a whole upgrade I didn’t ask for. A want my computer as stable and repeatable as you want your own car. In case you care about it, that is.

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