Gmail: How to turn off spam filter for incoming mails

This post was written by eli on March 22, 2019
Posted Under: email

Gmail is definitely the leader in the field of email services, and their spam filter is actually very good. From my own experience with setting up a mail server, I can tell that it’s not all that easy to make Gmail’s incoming mail servers even talk with you. So the larger part of spammer don’t even get the chance to suggest their piece of spam to Gmail.

The problem is that every now and then (quite rare, but still), an important email is classified as spam. Since I’m fetching the emails with fetchmail, and apply my own spam filter, I prefer getting them all. Messages that are classified as spam will not be available in the POP3 session that fetchmail makes.

How to do it: Simply add a mail filter. Click the upper-right gear, select “Settings” and choose the tab for filters. Then create a new mail filter with a condition that all email meet (I picked smaller than 100 MB) and check “Never send it to Spam”. That’s it.

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