Thunderbird / Linux: Re-sending a sent mail

This post was written by eli on July 17, 2014
Posted Under: Internet,Linux

The idea is to take a mail that has already been send (and is hence in the “sent” folder and send it again with sendmail. Why? In my case the idea is that Thunderbird and sendmail connect to different relay servers, and the one used by Thunderbird 3.0.7 is blacklisted by the destination (I got a reject message).

It’s simple: Find the message in Thunderbird’s “Sent” folder, and save it as an .eml file, say, Trying.eml.

Possibly edit the file, and remove the first three lines (even though there’s probably no problem leaving them there):

X-Mozilla-Status: 0001
X-Mozilla-Status2: 00800000

Possibly add yourself as a Bcc: after the From: line with

Bcc: Myself <>

And then send the message with

$ sendmail -t < Trying.eml

The -t flag means to find the recipient’s address in the message’s body, which is usually what we want.

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