List all files in a subdirectory, with the SHA1 sums

This post was written by eli on March 20, 2014
Posted Under: Linux

Useful for diffing two sets of filesystems, just to see where the changes are (and maybe catch a file that was accidentally copied in)

Symbolic links and other non-regular files are ignored. If they’ve changed, there is no alarm on these.

The script (the path to the directory to be scanned is given as an argument):


[ -d "$1" ] || exit 1;
cd $1 || exit 1;

find . | while read i; do
 if [ -f "$i" ] && [ ! -h "$i" ]; then
   sha1sum "$i";
   echo "----------------------------------------  $i";

To sort the output:

$ sort -k 1.41 list-of-files.txt > sorted.txt

The -k parameter causes sort to work from character 41 and on. Otherwise it would sort according to the SHA1 sums.

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