Tcl scripting: Which version of Quartus am I running?

The short answer is $quartus(version). Those familiar with Tcl immediately tell that there’s a named array (hash), $quartus, containing a key “version” which returns the full revision name. So, entering an interactive session, $ quartus_sh -s Info: ******************************************************************* Info: Running Quartus II 32-bit Shell Info: Version 13.0.1 Build 232 06/12/2013 Service Pack 1 SJ Web [...]

Cyclone V SoC: Two masters on a bus errs on ID signal width

While working on Xillinux‘ port to Altera (the SocKit board, actually), I needed to connect two AXI masters: One for the VGA adapter, and one for the Xillybus IP core. Unlike Zynq, Altera’s HPS offers only one AXI slave port, so it’s up to Qsys to generate arbitration logic, implemented in the logic fabric, to [...]

DDR memory bit errors with SocKit (Cyclone V SoC device)

The problem There seems to be a minor DDR memory reliability issue with the SocKit, having the 5CSXFC6D6F31C8NES device marked “F AAAAU1319A”. This can be detected by copying pseudorandom data from one buffer to another repeatedly, and then comparing the data between the buffers. The buffers must be large, to make sure the cache is [...]

Experimenting with SDC/Tcl wildcards: Quartus TimingQuest Timing Analyzer

Wildcards There is a certain confusion regarding how wildcards are matched in the SDC file (in fact, by the Tcl commands), which is why full paths are often used. This causes overloaded SDC files that don’t survive changes in the hierarchy. For example, regarding get_pins, the SDC and TimeQuest API Reference Manual page 2-15 states [...]

A list of Altera SoC FPGA development boards

I’m trying to find Altera boards that have an embedded ARM (Cortex A9) on them. This is my list so far. If you know about another board, please comment below. I’ll remove the comment and add the board to the list. Cyclone V Altera’s official Cyclone SoC Development kit with a 5CSXFC6D6F31C8NES. The Sockit by [...]

PCI express from a Xilinx/Altera FPGA to a Linux machine: Making it easy

Update: The project is up and running, available for Spartan 6T, Virtex 5T and Virtex 6T, as well as several ALTERA devices. Click here to visit its home page. Over the years in which I’ve worked on FPGA projects, I’ve always been frustrated by the difficulty of communicating with a PC. Or an embedded processor [...]